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Wezesha Women And Youth Initiative (WWAYI) is a nonprofit organization in Kenya that supports, empowers and advocates for girls, women and youth. Traditionally, women and girls in our communities encounter a lot of barriers that limit their prospects. Recessive social and cultural practices also place them at risk of violence and exploitation. Many communities still abide by the traditional family roles of women, limiting their access to education, income, land and decision-making.
WWAYI’s programmes are inspired by the need to sustainably support, empower and educate women and girls in the Kenyan society. We believe that advancing gender equality, inclusivity and women's participation in decision-making is vital to economic and societal prosperity.
Providing access to education for girls who have dropped out of school due to unplanned pregnancies, particularly adolescent girls living in fragile settings.
Raising awareness and attaining resources for reproductive and mental health care, informing public policy and reducing discrimination and stigma against people with mental illnesses.
Supporting survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and sexual abuse.
Supporting families going through infant and pregnancy loss by providing financial assistance for burial expenses. We also provide therapy support to families as they walk down this rough and usually desolate path.

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We empower survivors and the vulnerable by creating sustainable change via access to education and livelihood skills for self-sufficiency. We facilitate societal discussions and drive social change for healthier attitudes for a better quality of life. WWAYI also works with the government, civil society, religious organizations and various stakeholders to stimulate sustainable change to advocate for the empowerment and advancement of women and other issues affecting the youth.
We work with girls and women to create and advocate for economic solutions at all levels – from girl child education to the creation of opportunities, and challenging gender norms. We raise awareness of the harmful impact of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) by encouraging open, inclusive and informed discussion at the community, local, national and international level. WWAYI collaborates with partners and other organizations that share our interests to mobilize communities, connect women, men, girls and boys to realize and utilize the potential of girls, women and youth to create economic wealth and social capital.

Wezesha Women And Youth Initiative (WWAYI)

Our Vision

Our vision is improved quality of life for girls, women and youth in Kenya. WWAYI strives for a transformed world where girls, women and youth can be empowered, supported and have a better quality of life through education, sustainable access to mental and reproductive health resources and where gender issues have been overcome so that all people live with dignity and equality. WWAYI’s Kemi-Zola project goal is to provide comprehensive support to parents going through pregnancy or infant loss.

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Sensitization workshops.

• For teenagers and young adults - To promote awareness of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health.
• For the community - Parenting, childcare, healthcare, sanitation, gender issues and the prevention of gender-based violence.

What We Do?

We’re on a Mission to Solve Problems


We support underprivileged survivors of GBV and underage mothers who have dropped out to go back and finish school. We also support schools in providing safe and healthy spaces for girls.


Anchored in sustainable mental and reproductive health, we advocate for, provide resources and access to girls and women in these aspects of their lives including survivors of GBV.


We empower survivors and the vulnerable by creating sustainable change via access to education, reproductive and mental health resources and livelihood skills for self-sufficiency, for a better quality of life.


We work with various stakeholders to stimulate sustainable change to advocate for the empowerment of women and youth, their advancement, and issues affecting their wellbeing.

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help us transform the lives of girls, women and youth communities for the better.