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Wezesha Women and Youth Initiative (WWAYI) is a nonprofit organization in Kenya that supports, empowers and advocates for girls, women and youth. Traditionally, women and girls in our communities encounter a lot of barriers that limit their prospects. At WWAYI, we aim to break down these barriers through providing essential resources, and foster a culture of open dialogue surrounding both mental health and reproductive health, empower Kenya's youth to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. With a steadfast commitment to advancing gender equity and promoting inclusivity, our initiatives are propelled by the pressing need to offer sustainable support, empowerment and education to girls, women and youth throughout Kenyan society including:

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Education and Training: We provide access to education to adolescent girls who have discontinued their schooling due to unplanned pregnancies, especially in vulnerable settings. Through quality education and vocational training opportunities, we empower girls and women to cultivate essential skills and pursue their aspirations.
Repro-Mental Program: Addressing the intertwined issues of mental and reproductive health, particularly among vulnerable populations in Kenya. Our Repro-Mental Program aims to bolster the overall health and resilience of young people by providing access to reproductive health education and resources. We strive to empower them to make informed decisions on mental, sexual and reproductive health to combat gender-based discrimination and promote gender equity.
Hygiene Products and Menstrual Health: WWAYI conducts monthly reproductive and mental health education sessions among schools in our project areas and provides hygiene products like sanitary towels, underwear, moisturizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks etc. This ensures teenage girls stay in school, transition to higher levels of learning, and enhance their academic performance. Additionally, WWAYI recognizes the importance of engaging boys as allies in our mission by providing them with essential items including boxers and shaving kits etc.

Support for Families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss: We extend financial assistance for burial expenses and provide therapy support to families navigating the difficult journey of infant and pregnancy loss, offering a beacon of hope and comfort during their darkest times.
Virtual Parenting Class (VPC) Program: WWAYI recognizes that parenting is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging journeys filled with challenges and uncertainties, particularly for vulnerable populations such as teen moms and immigrant parents. Our VPC program aims to empower parents with essential skills, knowledge, and support to navigate the complexities of parenting in today's world.
Additionally, our “Tech Mtaani” program (Coming soon) would be dedicated to empowering girls, women and youth in our community by bridging the technology gap. In today's digital age, access to technology and digital literacy are indispensable for personal and economic empowerment.
Wezesha Women And Youth Initiative (WWAYI)

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WWAYI's vision is to create a society where girls, women, and youth are empowered to break free from barriers and realize their full potential. We envision a future where they have access to essential resources, education and support, enabling them to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. With a commitment to advancing gender equity, promoting inclusivity and addressing the intertwined issues of mental and reproductive health, we strive to create a world where girls, women, and youth are empowered to make informed decisions, combat discrimination, and have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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